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Many of you know that what got me to finally tackle the challenging and scary task of writing my book wasn't just the idea that I could help others grow a business like mine. I had a real sense of urgency once it dawned on me that the book could help others around the world have brighter futures.

I was so inspired to learn that:

  • If all children in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty.
  • A child born to a literate woman is twice as likely to survive past age five.
  • Proceeds from my book could make a real difference in the futures of kids on the other side of the world who don't have the opportunities that Nate and Bebe have had.

So John and I decided to partner up with SF-based Room to Read, which focuses on deep, systemic transformation within schools in Asia and Africa. They've creative an innovative model that can be replicated, localized and sustained by governments.

We thought it would take a whole year to be able to fund a school literacy program. But because of the incredible support for my book, it took only 4 months. Then the fun part of trying to figure out where we wanted the literacy program to be began, including the consideration of one day wanting to visit with Nate and Bebe to meet the children all of you–my enthusiastic readers–have impacted.

It's with overflowing excitement that John and I announce the establishment of a literacy program at the Ntsie Primary School in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa! This school serves Grades 1-5, and the program will include the creation of a separate school library (instead of the library being in a little corner of a classroom), teacher training and support and reading and writing instruction support.

Room to Read conservatively estimates that our support of this program will benefit more than 1500 students over 10 years!

We look forward to learning about the impact the program is having on these kids, and we'll be thrilled to share updates with you.

Huge thank you to everyone who bought my book, posted about it on social media, gave it an Amazon review, made it the focus of a book group or team training series and gifted it to your biz partners. You've helped me inspire tens of thousands of people Get Over Their Damn Selves, and we're just getting started.

Please remember, you're also helping children in eastern South Africa dream bigger for themselves, their families and their community. Mpumalanga is the Zulu name for “the place where the sun rises”, and I can think of no better endeavor than helping others have brighter futures!

To purchase your copy of Get Over Your Damn Self click here.

Books We Love

Books We Love

Summer gives many of us extra opportunities for reading. Free time to read on the beach, at the cabin, on the boat, or in your own living room. Time to catch up on the fiction we love but don't usually have time for or the non-fiction we wish we had time to study during the year. Personal development is important any time of year, and this summer Live Full Out wants you to join us in our own Summer Reading Challenge.

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Stop the Comparison Game

Stop the Comparison Game
In the latest episode of LiveFullOutTV, I’m talking about how to stop the comparison game. In business, like the rest of life, it’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game. But it’s a losing game! In this episode, I’m sharing with you what I experienced at our daughter’s dance competition and what we can all learn from it.
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Transform the Way You think About No

It’s #TransformationTuesday in the latest episode of LiveFullOutTV, Romi's talking about how to transform the way we think about No. One of the biggest mistakes business builders make is they let No derail them. They take it personally. They start doubting their new business and themselves. They allow the No's to slow them down or stop them altogether. So let Romi teach you how to fall in love with No. Continue reading “Transform the Way You think About No”

Making Exercise Part of Your Business

It’s time to make 2017 the year you got healthy. To be a thriving, efficient entrepreneur, this is non-negotiable because keeping yourself healthy is crucial for building and sustaining a healthy business. So as you work to use your time more efficiently, it’s going to open up time for you to work your bod. Because when you do, your body works better, your mind works better, it’s easier to keep stress in control.

And when everything’s working better inside, your business is going to work better too. Tony Robbins talks about about our “state.” Your state is how you’re feeling. My goal is to live in an amazing state. Can’t think clearly? Feeling too low-energy or low-confidence to make the calls you need? Feeling a bit blue? Then change your state.

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Choose Your Word to Kick Off 2017 in the Most Powerful Way

Every year John and I go through a process to prepare for the new year (and ask our team to do the same). It’s about what each of us want out of this year and what we're willing to do to make it happen. And we’re challenging you to do it too.

It’s about setting our intentions to become the best we can be in the year ahead. It requires we be brave enough to reflect on what’s working in our lives and what isn’t. To get really clear on what we want this year to mean for each of us and our place in the world.

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How Husbands Can Help Their Wives This Holiday Season

Despite all the highlight reels on social media of holiday merry-making, December isn’t all mistletoe and eggnog, especially for entrepreneurs. It's easy to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. And most of the stress is experienced by women. According to the American Psychiatric Association, holiday stress has a particular impact on women, who bear the weight of many of the holiday traditions and celebrations and the heavy lifting that goals along with it.

Despite living in a time when there is more gender equality than ever, women are still the main ones who are preparing meals and decorating the home. Doing the gift shopping. Wrapping gifts. Organizing the social calendar. Not surprising, women have a harder time relaxing during the holidays and are more likely to fall into bad habits to manage their stress, like comfort eating. Cheesecake and wine anyone? Or, if you're my wife, a bar of dark chocolate and a jar of peanut butter.

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Not Everyone Will Get Us and Why That’s Ok

I got my first negative Amazon review on my book this week. Ok, so not really negative, but 3 stars instead of 5. She liked the book, but said there wasn’t enough for her mindset. My first inclination was to immediately comment, pointing out that 5 of my 16 chapters are entirely devoted to mindset, and that what’s between our ears is a huge part of all the pages. I wanted to defend the intent of the book, which was not only to teach people the tactical know-how to build a business like ours, but also how to work on our mindset so we can do the really big stuff.

We all put ourselves out there every day, and when we or our work is misunderstood or criticized, it can make us go on the defensive. Writing a book has certainly flexed my vulnerability muscle. This week I resisted my knee-jerk inclination to explain and defend, and it has everything to do with our son Nate.

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The Perfection Myth

How My Wardrobe Malfunction Can Help You Kick Perfectionism to the Curb

I talk to women all the time about what I do and how I do it. And often the response I get is, “Of course you’ve been so successful. You’re so (insert word suggesting I have everything figured out). But I’m (insert word suggesting they don’t).” In other words, the recurring theme is that I’m perfect, my life is perfect and others aren’t and that’s why I’m successful.

In the naiveté of my younger years, I’d try and perpetuate the perfection myth, because that’s what others did. But I've learned that one of the best things we can do for one another (and ourselves) is to be authentic, vulnerable and completely honest about who we are. And it makes life a hell of a lot more fun.

So I must share further proof that I’m often a hot mess who goofs up as much as I hit home runs. Continue reading “How My Wardrobe Malfunction Can Help You Kick Perfectionism to the Curb”

Making the Most of the Sleep You Can Get

In this episode of LiveFullOutTV, we’re talking about sleep. As a husband, a dad and an entrepreneur, I treasure sleep. And as a doctor, I know how important it is to not only get enough sleep but quality sleep. Let’s face it, when you’re trying to build a successful business while also juggling the rest of your life, it’s not always possible to get as much sleep as you want. So I want to talk about how to make the most of the sleep you can get. Continue reading “Making the Most of the Sleep You Can Get”