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How Husbands Can Help Their Wives This Holiday Season

Despite all the highlight reels on social media of holiday merry-making, December isn’t all mistletoe and eggnog, especially for entrepreneurs. It's easy to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. And most of the stress is experienced by women. According to the American Psychiatric Association, holiday stress has a particular impact on women, who bear the weight of many of the holiday traditions and celebrations and the heavy lifting that goals along with it.

Despite living in a time when there is more gender equality than ever, women are still the main ones who are preparing meals and decorating the home. Doing the gift shopping. Wrapping gifts. Organizing the social calendar. Not surprising, women have a harder time relaxing during the holidays and are more likely to fall into bad habits to manage their stress, like comfort eating. Cheesecake and wine anyone? Or, if you're my wife, a bar of dark chocolate and a jar of peanut butter.

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Amazon Review with Stars

Not Everyone Will Get Us and Why That’s Ok

I got a negative Amazon review on my book. Ok, so not really negative, but 3 stars instead of 5. She liked the book, but said there wasn’t enough for her mindset. My first inclination was to immediately comment, pointing out that 5 of my 16 chapters are entirely devoted to mindset, and that what’s between our ears is a huge part of all the pages. I wanted to defend the intent of the book, which was not only to teach people the tactical know-how to build a business like ours, but also how to work on our mindset so we can do the really big stuff.

We all put ourselves out there every day, and when we or our work is misunderstood or criticized, it can make us go on the defensive. Writing a book has certainly flexed my vulnerability muscle. This week I resisted my knee-jerk inclination to explain and defend, and it has everything to do with our son Nate.

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The Perfection Myth

How My Wardrobe Malfunction Can Help You Kick Perfectionism to the Curb

I talk to women all the time about what I do and how I do it. And often the response I get is, “Of course you’ve been so successful. You’re so (insert word suggesting I have everything figured out). But I’m (insert word suggesting they don’t).” In other words, the recurring theme is that I’m perfect, my life is perfect and others aren’t and that’s why I’m successful.

In the naiveté of my younger years, I’d try and perpetuate the perfection myth, because that’s what others did. But I've learned that one of the best things we can do for one another (and ourselves) is to be authentic, vulnerable and completely honest about who we are. And it makes life a hell of a lot more fun.

So I must share further proof that I’m often a hot mess who goofs up as much as I hit home runs. Continue reading “How My Wardrobe Malfunction Can Help You Kick Perfectionism to the Curb”

Making the Most of the Sleep You Can Get

In this episode of LiveFullOutTV, we’re talking about sleep. As a husband, a dad and an entrepreneur, I treasure sleep. And as a doctor, I know how important it is to not only get enough sleep but quality sleep. Let’s face it, when you’re trying to build a successful business while also juggling the rest of your life, it’s not always possible to get as much sleep as you want. So I want to talk about how to make the most of the sleep you can get. Continue reading “Making the Most of the Sleep You Can Get”

How to Eliminate Time-Suckers

It’s #TransformationTuesday in this episode of LiveFullOutTV, and I'm talking about how to find more time in our days for the important stuff, including building a life-changing business. I’m fielding a question from a busy mom who’s overwhelmed and constantly scrambling for more time, including time for her business. I’m excited to share one thing that’s helped me be more productive, efficient and able to focus on the things that are most important to me. It’s not only been key to my success, it’s also been key to my sanity as I’ve grown a large, lucrative business around our kids, travel, community service and a rich social life. Let me help you identify and eliminate your Time-Suckers. Continue reading “How to Eliminate Time-Suckers”

What a Fifth Grade Math Teacher Can Teach All of Us

Romi and I just attended a back-to-school parents’ night at our son Nate’s new school. We’re thrilled with many things in Nate’s new learning environment, but most of all, we’re elated with the mindset the school is promoting.

We sat scrunched into the desks in his new math teacher’s classroom, which was decorated with posters of pearls of wisdom from Einstein and Michael Jordan, as the towering, affable Mr. M explained how he planned on making fifth grade math fun. He talked about how the most common obstacle in a student’s journey in math is the feeling that “This is impossible; I’m never gonna get it.” Continue reading “What a Fifth Grade Math Teacher Can Teach All of Us”

What You Can Learn From Your Exercise Class

When you’re in an exercise class—whether it’s bootcamp or barre or pilates—and you’re reaching the end of the reps your instructor said you’d have to do. And then you hear those words, “Ok, let’s keep going, 10 more!” Fitness experts do that to us because those extra reps make all the difference in how quickly our muscles respond.

In this episode of LiveFullOutTV, I encourage you to incorporate this same, “Just 10 More Principle” into your business. Because the more people we talk to, the bigger our businesses grow. Watch and learn what you should do the next time you’ve finished doing all your planned reach outs. And if I can talk to you on camera in work out clothes, I know you can accept my challenge. Continue reading “What You Can Learn From Your Exercise Class”

Choose One Word to Live Full Out

If you read my New Year’s blog last year, I shared with you a process I went through (and asked our team to do) to prepare for the new year. It’s about what each of us want out of this year and what we're willing to do to make it happen.

Once the ball drops, we’re used to hearing and seeing “New Year, New You.” But I think the greatest growth in life – and the greatest rewards – come from being brave enough to hold up a mirror, acknowledge our challenges and shortcomings, and dedicate ourselves to self-improvement. Continue reading “Choose One Word to Live Full Out”

What #GivingTuesday teaches us about Living Full Out

I’ve been lucky enough to land in a profession that’s built on the principle of giving. By giving to our teams with support, inspiration, collaboration and community, we not only reach our individual goals, but help all of them reach theirs, too. This way of doing business is the most fulfilling professional endeavor of my life and has had spilled over into my personal life and our family in countless ways. A big side benefit of this pay-it-forward business and life philosophy is the ability we now have to give more time and resources to our communities and the causes dear to our hearts. We have learned how much richer life is when you help lift others up – doing well by doing good. Continue reading “What #GivingTuesday teaches us about Living Full Out”

Strip Away Your Fears and Go Naked!

The company John and I work with, Rodan + Fields™, is running a fun campaign all summer — #RFGoNaked. We’re all on a mission to help women break up with make up, to save time every day, let our pores breathe and our beautiful skin shine through.

But when I first heard about this campaign, I immediately thought about another way we should all go naked that’s just as important. Continue reading “Strip Away Your Fears and Go Naked!”