Hey there,
I’m John
and I’m glad you’re here.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart

While my careers have spanned the spectrum of journalism to high tech to naturopathic medicine, I’m an entrepreneur at heart. What unites it all is my never-ending quest for knowledge and my love for forward-thinking, creative solutions to healthcare and business.

I’m grateful and humbled that I’ve been able to help tens of thousands of people improve their health, both through my former integrative medical clinic and the dietary supplement company I founded and grew.

I love writing and educating. I’ve trained thousands of doctors to incorporate integrative medicine in their practices, and I’ve written and edited books for doctors and the general public. The largest medical publisher in the world named me among the Top 10 most-cited authors for one of my research articles.

I’ve lectured at medical conferences and medical schools on osteoporosis, nutritional medicine, botanical medicine, laboratory testing, traumatic brain injury and natural approaches to mental health and psychiatric disorders. And I consult with health care companies as a medical and natural products expert.

But I’m most passionate about helping entrepreneurs create health in all aspects of their lives. Healthy bodies. Healthy minds. Healthy finances. And healthy relationships.

Since leaving the fee-for-service model of clinical medicine behind and joining Romi in our business, I’ve trained tens of thousands on how husbands can support their wives’ direct sales/network marketing businesses (or when and how to join the business), and simple business practices that can maximize your tax deductions and keep the money you make.

And my favorite topic: how we can all take care of ourselves as we grow successful businesses and design the lives we really want. If we’re not taking care of our whole person, even if we reach the highest levels of financial success, we’re not truly rich without a healthy mind, body and spirit.


I love sharing what I’ve learned.