Hi, I’m Romi, and I’m so happy to meet you.

I bet I'm a lot like you.

I did all the “right things.” I studied hard, went to a top law school and landed great-paying jobs in two professions—law and PR. Yet with every position or consulting gig, despite the income, I found myself working too many hours around someone else’s schedule. I felt stressed and trapped, trying to juggle my work, my family and the other things that made me happy (like working out, traveling and volunteering in the community). I was trying to do it all and hitting none of it out of the park.

Thankfully, I stumbled across an opportunity to become an entrepreneur starting a business of my own around my PR consultancy and our two young kids, Nate and Bebe. At first, I’ll admit I had my doubts. I didn’t know anything about direct sales, network marketing, social marketing, social commerce or whatever you want to call this business channel. Could I really make this work? But I thought “Why not me?” Any fear I had was dwarfed by my desire for a life of freedom, flexibility, professional fulfillment and balance. I took a risk and jumped out of my comfort zone.

I built a life-changing business

That jump led to a life that’s even better than the one I took the leap of faith for. I built a life-changing business that allowed me to escape the billable hour and the hamster wheel, earn more from the work I do, find greater purpose and fulfillment and squeeze more out of life, every day.

In less than three years—less time than it took me to get through law school—I had earned 7 figures and retired my doctor hubby John from his clinical practice. In less than four years, I was making more in a month than my highest annual big-shot corporate salary. And today, John and I get to pay our success forward to causes dear to our hearts, giving more to causes every year than I used to make annually.

Any fear I had was dwarfed by my desire for a life of freedom, flexibility, professional fulfillment and balance. I took a risk and jumped out of my comfort zone.

I built all this at home

My life is now so much bigger and fuller than the big-shot corporate life I had been living. I’ve built all of this from homeor anywhere where there’s cell service or a Wi-Fi connectionaround the schedules of the very busy Nate and Bebe. I fit my work in around time with family, friends, community service, travel, exercise, meditation, reading and spontaneous fun. Because I now own my own time and have eliminated financial stress, everything in my life is better my marriage, my parenting, my relationships and my health.


The rewarding part isn’t just what our business has done for our family. I’m equally in love with how it’s changed the lives of our beloved team members.. From building bigger vacation, college and retirement funds, to building exit strategies from day jobs, to building transformational income, we’re all proof that a lucrative, fun and rewarding business of your own is possible.

But it requires the right skills and the right mindset. I developed both and it’s been the key to my success. I love what I do, and what I’m most passionate about is teaching others how to become entrepreneurs on their terms to meet their goals. How to think, how to share, how to juggle it all and how to create a life with more time, purpose and possibilities.

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Get Over Your Damn Self

The No-BS Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business

Everyone has the potential to grow the business of their dreams and create the life they really want. That includes you, too. I’m going to teach you:

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  • The Possibilities for a lucrative, efficient and enormously fun turn-key business.
  • The Power that’s already within you to build the life you really want…if you dare.

I’m going to help you Get Over Your Damn Self to become the leader you want to have on your own team and that you were meant to be!

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