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Don’t Hold Back Your Inner Cheerleader

All the moms out there understand how much of the Mom Job includes cheerleading our kids throughout all the stages of their lives. What I didn’t expect was how much our kids would be MY cheerleader throughout the various stages of my entrepreneurial experiences.

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Listen. It’s Your Heart Voice Calling.

There’s a voice inside all of us that wants to guide us, alert us, warn us and calm us. Call it what you want—your gut, your subconscious, your inner guru. I call it the Heart Voice. It’s oh so wise and helpful. Without fail, when I haven’t listened and followed my Heart Voice, that’s when the proverbial shit has hit the fan.

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Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Every year around Valentine’s Day we’re bombarded with ways to declare our love for another. Roses, chocolate-covered berries, baubles, romantic dinners and getaways. And I’m a fan of all that. Thanks to a romantic hubby, I’ve been the recipient of all of it through our 17 years together.

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How Martin Luther King Jr Teaches Us To LiveFullOut

There’s no better day to explore what it means to LiveFullOut than on Martin Luther King Day. So much of what the great reverend stood for and taught us has incredible relevancy to where we are as a nation and a planet. But his lessons have much to teach us about being ever-improving and growing humans, to reaching our potential in business and in all of life.

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One Word Could Change Your Year

For the past 5 years, long before it was a “thing” all over the place with bracelets and Today Show coverage, I’ve been choosing my ONE WORD for the year and asking our team to do it with me. I happened upon the concept in a random article I read that December. One of those times when something finds you at exactly the right time. I was looking for a way to kick off the new year with intention but had long since come to believe that resolutions weren’t the ticket. I knew I wasn’t alone in having a pile of neglected disappointments and failures every year by around mid-February.

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Being Grateful When Life Splays You Out

I’m writing this on a Sunday morning after snapping this picture of our puppy, Mazel. His splayed-out self perfectly captures what our whole family looks and feels like after:

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When Your Path Is Blocked by a Big, Smelly Pile.

Shit Happens

I’ve written a bit already about the decadent, unforgettable trip to London courtesy of the company we work with. We have pictures of us in front of Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, shooting skeet on the gorgeous grounds of Althorp and more. But today I'm sharing a picture of a pile of horse shit. Let me explain.

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Finding Joy

Finding Joy

A recent weekend consisted of getting a new puppy, a Chicago concert, a dance troupe pool party with Bebe, birthday party planning, helping Nate with his Lion King role, writing a blog, calls and messages to loads of team members who made magic in their businesses in August, filming a video to welcome our new Australian team and starting to plan a bar mitzvah in Israel.

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Procrastination will delay your life

Procrastination Will Delay Your Life

We all procrastinate. Hell, just this morning I delayed my workout for 2 hours because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it before all the coffee had kicked in. Those little choices we make every day to push aside to-do items and push ahead deadlines can wreak havoc on our productivity. And, over time, can delay our success levels in a big way.

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