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How Husbands Can Help Their Wives This Holiday Season

Despite all the highlight reels on social media of holiday merry-making, December isn’t all mistletoe and eggnog, especially for entrepreneurs. It's easy to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. And most of the stress is experienced by women. According to the American Psychiatric Association, holiday stress has a particular impact on women, who bear the weight of many of the holiday traditions and celebrations and the heavy lifting that goals along with it.

Despite living in a time when there is more gender equality than ever, women are still the main ones who are preparing meals and decorating the home. Doing the gift shopping. Wrapping gifts. Organizing the social calendar. Not surprising, women have a harder time relaxing during the holidays and are more likely to fall into bad habits to manage their stress, like comfort eating. Cheesecake and wine anyone? Or, if you're my wife, a bar of dark chocolate and a jar of peanut butter.

Our business is full of amazing women entrepreneurs who are juggling all the holiday stuff plus growing their bottom lines. And December is an important month. Not only is it important to finish off the year strong, the seeds we plant in December set us up for success in the new year. So to all the husbands, boyfriends, significant others, and life partners out there, I've got a gift for you: a road map of what to do over the holidays for your love.

To grow lucrative businesses, and to be successful at anything in life really, the trick is to reduce barriers to success and create a success environment. How can you help create a success environment for your wife?

  • Support her with your words. Give her verbal encouragement and tell her that you support her.
  • Support her with your actions. Offer to do some of the gift shopping. Wrap the presents. Offer to schlep the kids to more of their activities this month. Offer to do some laundry. And, hell, if you can read you can follow a recipe and do some of the cooking. Do whatever you can to take stuff off her plate so she can focus on income producing activities.
  • Give her permission to not do it all. It may be customary for your wife to host the entire family for a huge, home-cooked Christmas feast or some other tradition that requires a lot of her time. Tell her that it's OK for her to change the traditions to make her life more doable. Explain that you understand she's in start-up mode of building her own hugely successful business, that you don't expect her to be Wonder Woman and neither should she.

Here's what I learned from helping Romi build our business over the holidays. The more your wife connects with people, builds relationships, talks about her business and the products she represents, the larger the business will grow in the months to come. The more time you can give her to do this, the more you’ll be contributing to growing the business and your household income.

Because make no mistake, when your wife is an entrepreneur, you're part of the success team. Not only does it make you a great team player, when your wife’s more relaxed and rested, you may not even need that mistletoe to get lucky.

Here’s wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays, with much love and success in the mix!