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When Your Path Is Blocked by a Big, Smelly Pile.

Shit Happens

I’ve written a bit already about the decadent, unforgettable trip to London courtesy of the company we work with. We have pictures of us in front of Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, shooting skeet on the gorgeous grounds of Althorp and more. But today I'm sharing a picture of a pile of horse shit. Let me explain.

On our last day in London, John and I were strolling through Green Park. The lush trees made a canopy over our walkway, shading us from the sun and muffling the traffic. Full from a delicious Italian feast, we walked silently holding hands, serenaded by birds having a melodic conversation, and a guitarist quietly strumming a Beatles tune. It was perfection.

And then our path was blocked by a big, smelly pile of horse shit. I stopped and laughed because I knew it was a sign and John agreed. We were being reminded that no matter how perfect things are, how smoothly life is going, shit happens. How we respond to the piles in our path not only determines how successful we are in all aspects of our lives, but also how much we enjoy the journey.

This particular pile didn't diminish the perfection of our day. Instead, we chose to see it as a lesson: a funny reminder of how many challenges we've overcome to get to where we are. Just like in all parts of life, walking through that shit made us appreciate all the beauty around it even more. #shithappens #livefullout


Romi & John

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